Thursday, April 9, 2009

Robot News Roundup

The face only a parent could love

Scientists in Japan have successfully created a robot that acts like a two year old: it wont do anything you tell it to. I kid, I kid. CB2 (Child-Robot with Biomimetic Body) actually observes how humans interact with it and then tries to mimic their behavior. In the two years since its birth, CB2 has learned to walk and how to interact with "affection" towards its "family."

Chariot is business on the top, partying robot on the bottom*.

In other robot news, the Exmovere Chariot is the latest in robotic pants. It looks a lot like a Segway you can never dismount. Chariot is intended to increase the mobility of amputees and to allow them more "normal" interactions with other people.

You can read more about CB2 or Chariot if you so desire.

* I totally poached this terrible joke from another website