Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Grow, Economy, Grow

Even some pretty Ethiopian flowers have a reduced market. In other recession-related news:
1. The Center for Economic and Policy Research, an especially erudite think tank in DC, issued a report this month analyzing the official unemployment rate. It's entitled "Is the U.S. Unemployment Rate Today Already as High as It Was in 1982?" A bit of a trick question.
2. Case study: Like -- or unlike? -- men, some women working in public finance have been terminated.
3. Green energy doesn't necessarily mean greenbacks. Read-> Alternative Energy Won't Fight the Recession. Did we really think it could or would?
4. Brewing anew, microbreweries or brewpubs survive and start-up.
5. SXSW still sounds grand despite the world economy, with newer music entrepreneurs like Colombian Monica Giraldo impressing.