Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lifting the cynicism

With the apparent mandate given to Obama, the political landscape of our country has changed. When Nebraska gives an electoral vote to a Democrat (probably), you know something is wrong with the Republi-can'ts.

Most people are probably oversaturated by election coverage so I will keep this brief:

My mom's second grade students stayed up until midnight watching Obama's speech. When 7 year olds get this excited for an election, the prospect for continued progressivism is promising.

The cynicism of our nation has been lifted. Hope has prevailed.

The Democrats have been handed the reigns to our country on a silver platter. With that comes 100% responsibility for whatever happens. Let's not mess this up. Luckily there are some great people in charge and I'm optimistic (see, cynicism gone).

As far as I can predict, Michelle Obama will accomplish more for the betterment of our nation as First Lady than GW Bush did as President.

Wooo hoooo!
Photo courtesy CLTV


Katie Says So said...

Nice post!!!!!! I totally agree!!