Friday, November 21, 2008

Building a Legacy

Oil shale--delicious

If one thing has become abundantly clear over the last 8 years, it's that pandering to the business lobby in this country ends up shafting a lot of things. Like the environment and citizens rights to participate in government. The news wires are all abuzz with George "What can I still ruin?" Bush's "midnight regulation" changes. In short, the administration is opening up oil shale deposits for extraction in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. They are measures in the policy designed to block any public appeals against proposed projects. Yay democracy.

The Bush Administration is also taking steps to weaken the protections afforded to endangered species. They are making it possible for federal agencies to conduct their own species impact assessments rather than having to consult a "species expert." Beyond this, the Administration is ensuring that the impacts of anthropogenic climate change will not effect endangered species assessments.

At this point in their administration, why can't Bush and his cronies just stop? No one likes them or what they have done (ok, less than 1 in 4, but that's still pretty bad). Maybe they should just ease off and fade out into history so that Obama has less to fix when he takes office.

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